One cannot find peace in work or in pleasure, in the world or in a convent, but only in one's soul. - W. Somerset Maugham





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Top-10-unhappiness-1TOP 10 recipes to remain unhappy (1/5)


Post written by Mat Veni .

Looking for happiness or looking to become happy? I know you've read many books on this theme. But have you ever asked yourself how to become unhappy or how not to be with happiness?

Yes, as you guessed, it's just the opposite of how to be with happiness and how to resonate with high vibrated energies.

Nowadays, as stupid as it sounds, it's easier to be out of happiness than to be in the happiness mode. However, that was not a default value when we were born not even 10.000 years ago. It seems something has changed (or someone wants from us to be changed).

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Joy reminderWe feel like we focus


Post written by Mat Veni .

First there was a story...

A man moved into a new town far away. In the evening he goes to a local bar and starts to talk to a waiter. He asks him what kind of people live here in this town.

The waiter asks him back what kind of people live in town were the man lived before. The man answers they were rude and full of negative thoughts and this is the reason why he moved to this town. The waiter waits for a bit and then answers it’s the same in this town. The same kind of people live here.


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The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.



Bronze statue of Buddha at Daibouts, Japan


                                                                                                              Photo by National Library NZ on The Commons 
                                                                                                              Quote opinion by Mat Veni

Recognize your deep passion ! 

Accept fear as a friend !
Fear is a message. Fear is a lesson. Fear is a signal. Fear brings opportunity.
Act on these statements and learn. Let the fear become your teacher.
When you accept fear as a signal, you make a giant life improvement stepAccept fear as a friend !A

You exactly know what you want. You have the power within. Your hidden hopes are your true solutions.

When you stop searching 'the better life' outside and start believing 'the better life' stays within you, you are on the first step of passionable life.
Welcome your first step, it's never too late !

Live-in-NowEXERCISE - Live in Now

(based on 5 personal growth elements)   by Mat Veni




The following practice is based on the post Living in present moment. I know your've heard for Eckhart Tolle and his Now. Now you can test your knowledge a bit.

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