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Top-10-unhappiness-1TOP 10 recipes to remain unhappy (1/5)


Post written by Mat Veni .

Looking for happiness or looking to become happy? I know you've read many books on this theme. But have you ever asked yourself how to become unhappy or how not to be with happiness?

Yes, as you guessed, it's just the opposite of how to be with happiness and how to resonate with high vibrated energies.

Nowadays, as stupid as it sounds, it's easier to be out of happiness than to be in the happiness mode. However, that was not a default value when we were born not even 10.000 years ago. It seems something has changed (or someone wants from us to be changed).

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Joy reminderWe feel like we focus


Post written by Mat Veni .

First there was a story...

A man moved into a new town far away. In the evening he goes to a local bar and starts to talk to a waiter. He asks him what kind of people live here in this town.

The waiter asks him back what kind of people live in town were the man lived before. The man answers they were rude and full of negative thoughts and this is the reason why he moved to this town. The waiter waits for a bit and then answers it’s the same in this town. The same kind of people live here.


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Live-Now1 MINUTE READING   Living in present moment

Post written by Mat Veni .

First element - simplicity shows me I consume more mind focusing on a present moment because:

- I’m relaxed,
- have less worry,
- I care less on absolute ridiculous things (like what will my neighbour think or what other people will think),
- I reduce stress (and I don’t need to regret on what didn’t happen).

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Living in present moment based on 5 key elements

Post written by Mat Veni.

In this post I’m going to express the popular topic about living in now and show the connection with simplicity, excitement, unconditional love, transformation and naturalizing.

The idea of living in present moment is not just popular but also simple to understand and hard to put into practice. We have complicated our lives so profoundly that we forgot the meaning of being here. Whatever life’s meaning is, I spell it as ‘have fun’.

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We are never good enough for our parents

Recently I talked to my parents and for the first time I knew exactly what I needed to speak about. It was this old issue between me and them. They are always right, they always know what is best for me and how should I proceed.
Our ‘conversation’ is like a monolog about good and bad, about right and wrong. I'm the bad and wrong, they are the good and right. I know many of you don't have such family relationship and maybe you never will. For others let's share some challenges and ideas about what is good in this situation.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had such a relationship with my parents, probably from my birth. I'm not here to judge anyone and won't search for excuses. The facts are evident and one thing is I don't want to change my parent’s behavior.

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behaviour-and-identityThere comes a time, when our different identity becomes visible on the outside...


When I got to the point of deciding to change my life and to start walking on a new path I had a low self-esteem. The only thing that encouraged me was my full determination to start a life based on my way instead of on main stream, common flow.

I was too weak to talk about this with friends and family and books were my only real friends at that time (with a few exceptions). I decided to distance myself from people that couldn't give me advice I needed. And I fell in love with great books (as Siddhartha, The Alchemist, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, ...).


personal-growth-signThe third element of personal growth - Excitement


When I was a kid I went to school and had to study. I hated that/it.

Then I went to college and studied things that I thought would be interesting but were not. I hated that. I found a job based on my degree and worked on things that bored me. I hated that.

Hundreds of times I listened to other people’s demands and did what they wanted from me (or wished, hoped I will do, become, act like ...). Guess what? ... I hated that too.

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enjoy-water-and-natureTap water? No, thanks.


I've heard many discussions about healthy water, pollution of drinkable water and saving clean water.

There are people talking about saving water in every corner. From not using clean water for car washing, closing the tap while brushing teeth, to saving water while taking a bath. Then there are people talking about how to avoid polluting water with toxic stuff, oil, chemical rubbish etc. And there are people and organizations talking about what kind of water is best for the human body and how much water we need to drink per day.

You can get nuts if you can't stop reading all that material.

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no-safety-zoneThere is no need to be angry if you’ve been robbed


I’ve been robbed not long ago. The funny thing is someone only stole my laptop and nothing else. And the funniest thing here is that I’m not angry at all. There are many points I can count that are pretty good arguments not to be angry. But before going there let’s see how I used to live and react.

In the past I possessed enormous number of stuff I would never want to be stolen ... Well that's not the only thing.

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your-turn-to-chooseThe power of Chance to choose and Chance to spread the word


It's easy to say we have a chance to choose or we have many options, many possible paths. And it's much more difficult to actually choose, especially if you see no choices.

Is it the same in our lives? Do we consciously know we can choose how to go through each challenge (obstacle)?

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simplicity-signThe first element of personal growth - Simplicity


When I studied Maotars’ way of living I described the basis of personal growth and grouped it in 5 elements. More or less these are the key elements my personal life is based on at the moment.

Like every well built house has its main foundations the same is in my life. I could have weak foundations and a great roof. In this case my house could be admired by many people and its shine would reach long distance. On the other hand the roof could move in the hard wind and consequently start to leak in the rain. The whole house could be demolished if it met a small hurricane or an earthquake.

Having well designed foundations in life guaranties better life quality and easier joyfulness approach (actually I should write joyfulness connection). I made mine quite late ... I first took almost 30 years of my life living on weak foundations. So it is never too late to start all over.

What have I done?

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slippery-roadRainy day(s) I used to hate


I ask myself how long I have hated rainy days. Isn't rain also a beautiful Mother Nature gift? So why have we been taught not to love cloudy, rainy and windy days?

What if  we decide to love whatever we are given? I'm sure if I can love any kind of weather, so can you.

I remember how sad I felt not being able to go out, to play outdoor games. Next thing were the words that included bad feelings, low energy. 

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